JUQ-075 | "My father-in-law said he wanted to see his grandson's face..." From the day my son went on a business trip, the devoted beautiful wife suddenly changed to de S... For two nights and three days, she was made to inseminate earnestly, and she panted like a woman. Niimura Akari

JUQ-075 |
Label: Madonna

It's been a few months since my beautiful son's daughter-in-law, Akari, started living with my father-in-law, Shigeru's house. With her cohabitation as an opportunity, she began full-scale pregnancy, which she had been working on for a long time, but it did not produce results. As a result of taking an examination at her infertility clinic, it turns out that there is a problem with her husband's sperm ... One day, her husband's business trip for 2 nights and 3 days is decided. Akari and Shigeru are alone under the same roof.


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