GVH-577 | Yui Hatano's directorial debut! Tipsy Icha Love Document Yokohama Stay Date Kana Morisawa

GVH-577 | Yui Hatano's directorial debut! Tipsy Icha Love Document Yokohama Stay Date Kana Morisawa
Director: Yui Hatano
Studio: Glory Quest

[Yui Hatano, director for the first time]

Inside the Ferris wheel overlooking the downtown area, which has regained its liveliness,
The two reunited after a long time and are happily making love to each other. They were talking about nothing.

“Thank you for making time for me today. I’m always filming, so I don’t have much time for private time.”
“It’s been a while since I came to a place like this. I want to eat that.”
“ I get more fun when I drink.''

Just as the Ferris wheel was about to reach the top of its arc, a man suddenly spoke up.

“Actually, I like Kana-chan, don’t I?”

…There was a moment of silence.

"I love you too...or rather, I've always loved you."

They put their lips together.
After getting off the Ferris wheel, the two headed to the hotel to confirm their feelings.

Two people who have no more words and overlap their bodies.

"...It's getting hard here"
A man runs his fingers through Kana's panties and gently caresses her.

"It's embarrassing...but I like it, so I'll do it better"

Kana Morisawa's pussy is overflowing with honey, and her nipples and clitoris are visible even through her underwear, which is incomparable to when she was filming an AV. Her erection was hard enough to understand, her beautiful face had an embarrassed expression, and she was twisting her hips in comfort.

The story behind the filming

Director Yui Hatano watches over the two of them in deep emotion, and tears fall from her eyes.

“I know this because I have been an actress for a long time, but surprisingly, I have never filmed intimate sex. I really want Kana-chan to appear in this kind of work! Kana-chan enjoys filming. I want to make a film that I can do!" said Director Hatano during the planning stage.

If the director wants to do this, there is no choice but to do it!

The two have co-starred in numerous works so far, and this time they will take on the roles of "director" and "actress", and director Yui Hatano will be directing Kana Morisawa's [private sex as a woman]. I finished drawing!

We will deliver works that will make you think, ``If you don't call this SEX with Kana Morisawa, then what is SEX? I'm jealous that I was able to have lovey-dovey sex with Kana Morisawa!''

[Bonus footage]
My work as a director, including the meeting scene between Director Hatano and Kana Morisawa on the day of filming, the shopping scene, the instax photo shooting scene, and the scene of watching the studio shooting. The appearance of the director who works hard is recorded.


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