MEYD-864 | Newcomer "Will someone please make me cum 100 times...?" A sensitive wife who wants to experience the other side of climax makes her AV debut Sanan Kurata

MEYD-864 | Newcomer
Label: Tameike Goro
Studio: Tameike Goro

Sanami Kurata (26 years old), a sensitive but greedy married woman, makes her AV debut. When she was single, she experienced ecstasy 100 times in one night during sex with her ex-boyfriend. I was supposed to marry her after promising her that she would satisfy me... She is frustrated because she has no sex with her husband. I want to cum 100 times like I did when she was single...or rather, I want to open the door to ecstasy for the 101st time. I thought that my dream would come true if I worked in AV, so I took the plunge and applied.


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