JUL-756 | My Bully Fucked My Mom Asahi Mizuno

JUL-756 | My Bully Fucked My Mom Asahi Mizuno
Label: Madonna
Director: Jyoji Kawai

Chaoyang, whose husband lives with his son on a long-term business trip, sympathizes with the complicated family environment of his son's classmate Koume, who he recently met, and gradually forgives his heart. Koume, who was lustful for her sensational body, pierces the gap of the defenseless Chaoyang and has a relationship with the destruction. Chaoyang feels guilty, but forgets about the pleasure of her secret part that she hasn't touched for a long time, and entrusts her body without enduring relentless caress. After repeating affairs with her son's classmates, her instinct seeks uterine aches and begins to erode her reason.


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